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February 26, 2015
A Quick Guide On Keyword Research For SEO Professionals

Keyword Research BannerWhen it comes to building a website, the first thing that should pop into your mind is SEO. In today’s web climate, without proper SEO, your site would probably be lost in the millions of websites that are created daily. However, don’t worry, SEO is not too difficult to learn and you will soon have the knowledge on how to create a website and get it ranking so that you can get real visitors to your site.

keyword-researchThe first thing that needs to be done before creating a website is keyword research. If you build a site without creating a blueprint based off of researched and selected keywords, you are basically shooting yourself in the foot. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re lost if you already have a pre-existing site and want to improve its rankings for certain keywords; we will cover this in the latter part of this article.

So, in order to do keyword research, you will need a few tools. You can use a keyword tool such as Wordtracker or Long tail pro to research keywords in your niche. For example, if you want to create a website about weight loss and want to promote your weight loss product or someone else’s product, you first need to find related keywords that you can rank for. The first thing that you can do is go on the Google keyword adwords tool that is completely free to use and find related keywords for “weight loss.” This search will return hundreds if not thousands of related keywords along with their monthly search volume, CPC and competition. You can also type in a variety of other related keywords such as “losing weight”, “fitness”, “weight loss products” etc. Once you have hundreds or thousands of keywords available to you, you can then start sorting through these keywords based on volume and competition.

Research ProcessThe main thing you need to do is find related keywords that have decent search volume per month, starting from about 3,000 visitors per month and up. You should create a list of all these long tail keywords that range from 3,000 – 40,000 per month so that you can do further research to determine their competition. The main reason we do this is because the last thing you want is to create a site around keywords that you could never rank for due to high competition.

In order to check the competition, simple plug the keyword into Google and analyze the first page of results. If you see lots of authority sites and not any other SEO sites and the keyword is relatively short, then you will find it very difficult to rank for that keyword. However, if you plug in a keyword and it has at least one or two other SEO sites on the first page, then that means you definitely have a good chance of ranking.

Once you have a list of at least 10 keywords, then you can start building your site out, with each page being dedicated to at least one keyword. After you have built out your site and done some backlinks and you start to get traffic, you can then do further analysis in order to determine what other keywords you can rank for using SEO that you did not find previously. This also applies to pre-existing sites that were not optimized initially, but have managed to get traffic over time.

keyword-research-for-SMMBasically, once you are getting traffic, the Google webmaster tool will show the keywords that you are ranking for that are causing you to get traffic. If you don’t have the Google webmaster tool on your website, then you should try using another analytics tool such as Clicky. It is important to note that you will get traffic based off of hundreds and even thousands of other long tail keywords based on the content of your site. Therefore, you can simply build a few more links targeting these super long tail keywords so that you can boost their rankings and get even more website traffic.

So, there you have it, a quick guide on how to do keyword research for a new site and a pre-existing site explianed by our long time partner SHS Services, an SEO company Dubai. Once you create a system and keep working on building keyword focused content along with good links, your traffic will surely keep increasing over time. However please note that all links should be natural.